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What is LitLift for?

Create Characters

Got an idea for the next Tom Sawyer, Sherlock Holmes or Elizabeth Bennet. Create and track your characters, even if you don't know what stories you're going to put them in.

Create Settings

What environment will you thrust your characters into? No matter where or when, store the information here.

Create Items

Need to track the weapon in your latest murder mystery? I know I did. That's why I created this. Hope it helps you as well.

Create Scenes/Chapters

Outline, edit and reorder the scenes or chapters that will make up your story. The best way to keep your thoughts organized.

LitLift is a free online novel writing application built to help you research, store, organize, write, share, and get feedback on your writing. LitLift is designed to help writers of any ability make the most of their writing. And we encourage you to share some of your work in our NEW public library. Also, we now offer NEW upgraded free feature rich text and full screen editing AND a plot line chapter and scene storyboard-like feature.

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Why use Litlift?

We are the original, free, easy-to-use online writing application for writers of all abilities. We have a proprietary, simple environment allowing you to build your story. Our latest patented upgrades allow you to write in private or share it with others…with future upgrades to include a timeline and an in-application publication method. And the best--it’s all free--no upgrades required!

Built by writers for writers for the love of writing
Get user reviews and feedback to improve your writing
Saves to the cloud with daily back-ups
Secure servers built on same platform used by Twitter, Groupon,
Ability to share publically or privately within the application
Ability to contact other users about their public works
Easy to use writing environment with item, character, scene, setting, and chapter components with *new* feature rich text editing--can now maximize to full screen editing
Supports green energy use
Everything is FREE…and NO need to upgrade!


We set-up a mirror information site on . The site includes a robust blog capability, FAQs, privacy info, legal policy, etc. We also are adding writing tips and links. This way you can more easily research, blog, etc. while using our application.

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Instruction Manual

Bob McSmith - red
    hair, blue eyes (green?)
  It was a dark and
In a land, far, far away...
City of Glasgow
a soaking
  fog, smell
of smoke
Murder Weapon?
- cane
  - lobster
- pistol?